Life is too short - Let me show you how to make your finances easy and fun with Money Dates!

Money Dates is a program where meet for ongoing co-working "dates" to appreciate your money and grow your business.  Money Dates is a "Get it Done" program that gives you peace and confidence to know how your business is actually doing at all times and grow your business. 

Start having Money Dates and see how your money appreciates when you appreciate it


Wish you could wave a magic wand and know your business is on track financially?

Financials are the life blood of any business and bookkeeping habits can make or break your success. Don't stress out over your record keeping, though. Let the process be easy, effortless and fun by enrolling in my Money Dates Co-Working "Get it Done" Program.

Know how your business is doing

Your Numbers tell a story, let me show you how to read that story.  When your data is current and you Know your Numbers, you have more options and power over how much Profit you will earn and how much Money you will have.

Collect your cash faster

Processing and managing your invoices timely means you collect your cash faster and who doesn't want to collect their cash faster??

Banish the burden of bookkeeping

Most people delay their bookkeeping, and then it becomes a huge time intensive task to catch up.  In Money Dates we will tackle it in small regular sessions so it will be easy and fun!

Bonus #1

Know Your Numbers and Grow Your Business Masterclass

 (Value $147)

Your financial statements tell a story... can you read and understand the story they are telling you?  Is it a current reflection or historical one?  In this masterclass you will understand how to read your financial statements and be able to make informed decisions in your business... are your goods/services priced correctly?  Can you afford to hire the help you need?  Can you invest in that bigger building?

Bonus #2

What counts as

Bookkeeping Guide

(Value $79)

What counts as Bookkeeping? It doesn't have to feel overwhelming.  Many people think they are not "numbers people" and that's ok.  Not sure what to do?  I will show you in easy to follow ways, what to do for maximum impact.

Bonus #3

3 Crucial Numbers You Need to Measure

 (Value $79)

What are the 3 crucial numbers you need to measure for a thriving business and more free time? In this guide, I will show you what they are, why they are the crucial ones to know and more importantly what you can do if you don't like the results of those numbers

Bonus #4

Know Your Numbers Checklist

 (Value $priceless)

Know Your Numbers Checklist. Do you love checklists too?  They have helped me more times than I can count.  With this checklist you have a visual tool to help you make sure you accomplished the most important tasks each week which will help bring in more money.



Enroll in Money Dates

In Money Dates, we will meet live (not recorded) twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 3pm Eastern. In our members only private Facebook group you will get the support you need on this journey, lots of tips, inspiration and we will cheer you on for your breakthroughs.


Receive my get started guide

Don't know what to do during our Money Dates time?  Don't worry... I've got you! I've created my What Counts as Bookkeeping Guide for what to do during your bookkeeping time for maximum impact.  You will know how your business is doing and  have more control in your business.


Get profitable

By showing up for Money Dates and doing these tasks regularly, you will collect your money faster, eliminate unnecessary fees and expenses, know how you are tracking compared to expectations, make educated decisions and be more profitable!

There's No Need to Stress Out About Your Financials, MONEY DATES Helps You GET IT DONE... with Fun and Ease!

Don't be one of the small businesses that fail because they are not on top of their numbers. Winging it or burying your head in the sand just doesn't cut it. 

I understand why it falls to the bottom of your ToDo list

I get it -- bookkeeping isn't usually fun and there are other aspects of your business you would rather be doing.  And... keeping current with your bookkeeping will give you more power and control in your business and earn more money which is a lot of fun!  Join us as I empower you in your business, in a fun way and in community so we get great results together!

You Have the Power

When you Know your Numbers and have your bookkeeping current, you will know if your business is making or losing money with enough time to take actions and change the outcome.

Trending Up or Down?

Keeping current will let you know if you are trending up or down.  Is your business growing or shrinking?  

More Cash

Issuing your invoices faster and managing them to ensure they are paid timely will bring in your cash faster.

Don't lose deductions or expenses.  Invoices and receipts not entered into your accounting system will fade away and often be lost. You may not be able to collect money due to you without receipts. Not paying attention to your bookkeeping can also hurt you by incurring late fees.

Know your cycles

Understanding the cycles in your business will help you anticipate them, prepare for the slow periods and take actions to minimize the effects of them.

why I do it

I’ve been there

I've been there -- bookkeeping can sometimes be a drag. There are many days that I would rather do other things besides bookkeeping.  I had a business fail because I wasn't on top of my numbers and didn't see the warning signs. I was busy working hard in my business, doing the parts I loved... creating and selling... thinking that because I was working hard, I would have profits.  It was a painful lesson!!  Don't let this happen to you!


What they say

Kate P.

Wealth Coach
I began participating a year ago in Nancy Abramson‘s “Money Dates” (even before we were calling them that!) It was SO helpful to have a scheduled time and the support and accountability to get things done.

In spite of being a money coach myself, I had fallen into a habit of procrastinating on bookkeeping and taxes. Nancy’s group helped me tackle my paperwork and get organized. Best of all, it was fun!

Jackie H.

Healing with Jackie

For the first time, I was in a state of empowerment when we went over my financials and could see where I am currently and where I want to go.  Knowing my numbers without judgement and with the what's so about it.  I now have a blueprint of where I am going, action steps to take and that gave the power back to me.

 I am so excited for my options and that I now have the power to choose the life I create.

What you will get when you participate in Money Dates...

  • You will know how your business is doing... really doing!  Having the structure to consistently appreciate your money will help it appreciate and grow.
  • Have the knowledge and power to make the right decisions in your business, are your prices accurate, know if you are trending up (growing) or down (struggling)... and much more.
  • You get access to ME!  If you have questions or get stuck, we will meet in a breakout room so we won't disturb the others and I will support you.
  • Being caught up with your bookkeeping makes tax season easy.  You are ready for your Accountant, no extensions necessary and get your refunds faster
  • Collect your cash faster
  • Avoid lost deductions caused by lost receipts or faded out beyond recognition
  • You are not alone!  Coming together in community takes the drudgery away from it and we will have fun in Money Dates.
  • Private Facebook page where we can support each other, share accomplishments and tips

As if that wasn't enough, you also get these bonuses...

  • Know Your Numbers and Grow Your Business Masterclass - understand how to read your financial statements and be able to make informed decisions in your business
  • What counts as Bookkeeping Guide - Not sure what to do?  I will show you what to do for maximum impact. 
  • 3 Crucial Numbers You Need to Measure - In this guide, I will show you what they are, why they are the crucial ones to know and more importantly what you can do if you don't like the results of those numbers 
  • Know Your Numbers Checklist - This checklist is a tool to help you make sure you accomplish the most important tasks each week to help you bring in more money. 

Lisa Costa

Songwriter, Alt-Folk Artist, Teacher 

“I am so grateful for Money Dates with Nancy! We’ve had one working date so far and I’ve already checked off a major financial task that I had been putting off for months! Nancy guided me to create a powerful intention for these money dates and I created that they are like Spa Days with my money. I feel energized and I’m actually looking forward to the next one! Thanks Nancy!!”