Bust Through Business Burnout Workshop

Move from feeling overwhelmed to enjoying your solopreneur success.

The Bust Through Business Burnout Workshop is for you if:

  • Your to-do list has taken over your life
  • You can’t take time off without the money stopping
  • You are worried the business will fall apart and you feel you have to do everything yourself
  • You want to grow your business and don’t know how

In Just 2 90 Minute Sessions With Nancy Abramson You Will Learn To:

Recognize your signs of overwhelm and find the help you need.

Before you reach burnout, begin to notice where help would make the difference for you.  Not sure you can trust someone to do it as well as you or if you can afford the help?  Learn that help is available... sooner and easier than you think.

Find and identify your zone of genius.

Explore your passions and strengths to leverage them and achieve greater success and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.  Learn what are the things you should do and what is best for someone else to do.

Eliminate, automate, and delegate tasks.

Learn time-management strategies and develop tools for identifying which tasks are unnecessary, which can be automated with software or applications, and which can be handed off to someone else. 

Discover where these resources are available.

Whether they're electronic tools or good old fashioned methods of recruiting others, learn where you can find the help you need. 

Open up to growth.

As you lose the busywork and bust through burnout, you'll see your business blossom and grow in a fun way.

Job vs. Business?

December 8, 2023 at 2 PM EST

Do you own a business, or did you create a job where you're now the boss? Learn the difference in this introductory workshop to the series.

Expand Your Company 

December 15, 2023 at 2 PM EST

You learn what are the best things for you to do and what to delegate so you begin to expand your company and free up your schedule for what you love in life!

Bonus VIP session

December 22, 2023 at 2 PM EST

Come back so I can help you implement those concrete steps towards transforming your job into a business so you can grow into an enterprise and answer any questions that came up for you.

Get Back To Feeling At Peace 

In your business and personal life.

Ask Yourself...

Why Did You Start Your Business?

People start businesses for a lot of reasons... They feel they can do it better than others. They don’t want to have a boss telling them what to do. Or they figure they can make more money on their own.

Problem is... they don’t necessarily create an actual business.

What does this mean?

Think about it. 🤔

If you are stuck as the only person keeping your business running, and you can’t take time off without cash-flow stopping...

You don’t have a business. You have created a job for yourself...

but probably without the benefits of working for your old employer. 

But You Can Bust Through Business Burnout And Beat Overwhelm.

VIP option for a one-time payment of $347 $247  only $97!

Learn From Nancy

I've Been there...

As a CPA and CFO, I spent decades in the corporate accounting world working insane hours. After selling someone else’s business for millions of dollars, I decided it was time to trade my job for a business and apply those same skills to my own life.

Life became much more fun, but my business ran into some bumps. So trust me, I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve missed the warning signs. And I’ve fallen prey to burnout.

Lucky for you, I bring all of that experience with both the huge business successes and the diffiult moments to my work as a success coach. It is my mission to help you avoid mistakes and move forward faster and better.

You Too Can Beat Overwhelm!

Every Growing And Viable Business Has A Team.

Learn how to create that with minimal resources in this 3-part workshop.

Business vs. A Job

What is the difference and how to create the business you want, not just another job.

Expand Your Company And Free Your Schedule

How to create growth for your business that allows you to delegate more and be less busy!

Discover Your Next Steps

What concrete steps can you take to transform your self-employed job into a business?

Bust Through Your Business Burnout 

VIP option or a one-time payment of $347 $247 only $97!


What Other People Are Saying...

I am so glad I attended Nancy Abramson’s workshop. It not only helped me to know who to hire and what I would like them to do, it got me excited about having more support in my business.

The work was so helpful as my list was expanding, and got me feeling excited about  the support that I wanted to receive Oh, yeah, this is totally doable. It's time! So thank you!!


Kate P.

Wealth Coach

Nancy's workshops provide solutions that help entrepreneurs in a much-needed practical way. She combines her background in accounting and finance with her training in positive mindset and success coaching so that participants are empowered to implement all of the great ideas and resources that Nancy shares. I highly recommend her next event!. 

Joanna T.


I highly recommend the solo to success workshop (Now Bust Through Business Burnout). I am the kind of person who always struggles with having more to do than what I have time for and this workshop gave me a whole new outlook on how to handle that. I learned how to focus on what's most important to be done, what I like to do best and what I am best at.

I strongly recommend attending this workshop as the conversation with others in the group is quite valuable. No matter where you are at in your personal or professional goals, this will will help best achieve them 

Christa H.

Ramsey Preferred Coach

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